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    julie-hussar on #186771

    I’ve been informed that I’ll be soon facing total hip replacement so am wondering if anyone else has had a hip replace and how long it was before they could go back to playing and moving a pedal harp?
    I play in two community orchestras and would like to plan this major surgery to have the least amount of affect on being able to attend and play in the orchestra.Thanks Julie

    patricia-jaeger on #186789

    Julie, as a senior citizen I walk just under two miles in a park with a group of other seniors, and a chaperone with a smart phone for emergencies, in a park with flat trails, once a week. I, with no replacements of any joints, am often lagging behind the others, MOST of whom have had hip and knee replacements and are walking quite briskly. Hope this gives you confidence for your coming operation! Carry on!

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