Hip pain when playing harp???

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    unknown-user on #162588

    Hi all,

    My 17 year old daughter has just started playing a pedal harp and is experiencing hip pain when playing. We are exploring posture and seating options, but wonder if anyone has any ‘ergonomic’ tips or warm-up/stretching advice?

    (P.S. This hip pain may not be due to posture as Cassidy has a pre-existing hip condition, which may just take time to adjust to this new activity!)


    unknown-user on #162589

    Occasionally. Strengthening the thigh muscles may help, as well as adjusting bench height, angle, position, etc. Also, look at what kind of shoes she is wearing and how high the heel.

    unknown-user on #162590

    I have been a chiropractor for 19 years & harpist for 5 years and your daughters hip pain issue peaked my interest.

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #162591

    I had hip pain for awhile, and my problem was mainly that I was on a swivel chair which was not stable enough. Once I switched to a fixed chair, the hip pain went away. I agree on the stretches and the advice given by the chiropractor. Also, I’ll second the suggestion to check the height of the chair.


    Audrey Nickel on #162592

    It’s a good idea to ask her teacher to evaluate her posture when playing (with the pain problem in mind).

    unknown-user on #162593

    Hi Anthony,

    You are right about her thigh muscles -they have always been weak.

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