Highly Requested Pop Songs for Harp

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    unknown-user on #151719

    I bet, and I think I’ll be looking into some Beetles and Fleetwood for sure.

    unknown-user on #151720

    I definitely like the Gently Weeps suggestion, and I bet Light My Fire just rocks!

    erin-wood on #151721

    “Somewhere My Love” is a classic that is still requested.

    patricia-jaeger on #151722

    Marie, I find my students are often reading Harry Potter, and seeing the movies.

    catherine-rogers on #151723

    You can purchase two themes in one folder from Harry Potter movies by John Williams from Lyon & Healy at http://www.harp.com. Here’s a link to the music:


    It’s for pedal only and I found them somewhat difficult. One is “Fluffy’s Harp,” the music played by the enchanted harp in the first movie. The other piece is “Hedwig’s Theme.”

    helen-rudd on #151724

    I am learning Hedwigs theme now. I really like the piece, the pedaling is moderatly difficult but it is was worth learning for the “That’s Harry Potter!” I got from some of the neighobor kids who came over when I was practicing it (I was impressed they recognized it at the time since it in no way sounded like it should have at that point).

    Camilla Pay on #151725

    Thanks Catherine for the link to Harry Potter, that’s a really good idea to have up your sleeve

    unknown-user on #151726

    I haven’t been playing harp gigs lately, but if I were putting together a gigbook, I’d try to add some of the songs listed below. They’re from current movies and of the past ten years or so, should be familiar to a wide range of listeners:
    ( Maybe we can expand this list, there are plenty of others I’ve missed.)

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