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    HBrock25 on #156735

    Hi everyone. Cool that I found this site. I am also a great music lover and I consider harp as my first love. Hope to have friendly discussions from here and learn more things about various experiences with your instrument.

    kay-lister on #156736

    Welcome Colleen!

    unknown-user on #156737

    Hi Colleen! I’m new to harp column and I love it too. Lots of great practical advice on here. When did you start playing/loving the harp? 🙂
    I began when I was 11 years old, now I’m 17 and this is the first year I’m really applying myself. I absolutely love it!
    Any favorite pieces?
    I love 60’s and 70’s music, particularly bands like the Beatles. And I LOVE Sylvia Woods’ arrangements.

    HBrock25 on #156738

    My name is Debbie Bammann.

    rod-c on #156739


    Welcome. As Natalie said, there is so much good advice her. Lots of collective wisdom.

    judy-wong on #156740

    hello Colleen, i’m judy. Just started harp for a month. learning with Grossi and Skaila Kanga’s book. I love harp but sometimes my fingers hurt with practising too much. hahahahahaha……..

    HBrock25 on #156741

    Dear Debbie,
    I hope it’s o.k. to respond to your response. I’m not sure how forums work and what is protocol. Your response caught my eye. I have had several passions in my life…..classical piano (been playing for 46 yrs…..knitting, reading and I Love Lucy!!! I watch her everyday. I will never get tired of that show. I also love the Harpo Marx episode and have enjoyed watching him in all the old Marx Brothers movies.
    Last year my husband bought me my first harp. A small 19 string inexpensive beginner instrument. I had every hope of applying the discipline I was trained with through my piano studying and subsequently the discipline I have trained my piano students with for the past l7 yrs. Unfortunately, I had a very busy and tumultuous year and the poor little harp stayed in it’s place of honor in the music room waiting for me. Well, life is now back to normal and I have begun my quest again…to learn how to play. I am not in a position to take formal lessons right now, but with my musical knowledge and background, this website and the help of other online tutorials, I am anxious to begin. Happy harping to you.. Sheila

    HBrock25 on #156742


    Hope you can help me out….. I’m looking to hire a harpist or even a amateur harpist that would like to make some extra money on the side.

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