Hi from Australia!

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    unknown-user on #167028


    My name’s Clare and I am 17 years old. I’m from the Central Coast (north of Sydney.) I’ve been learning for 10 years and I own a Camac Electric-acoustic Big Blue!

    It’d be great to keep in touch!


    alexander-rider on #167029

    Hello to Australia! I am 18 and live in the UK. You have a beautiful harp! I need something more modern, mine is ancient! Can’t seem to part with it though. Anyhow, my e-mail is ; alexr_harps@hotmail.com

    unknown-user on #167030

    Hi clare. my name is jess i am 18 and also from australia and have also been playing harp for about 10 years! your harp sounds so cool! ive seen and heard all about the electric harps! i own an aoyama delphi pedal harp. it would be cool to get in touch with u to talk harp! lol im in melbourne and there isnt a large harp community here so if you would like to my email is Jestastic@hotmail.com it would be cool to here from you!


    unknown-user on #167031

    Hye clare

    Another 18 year old : ) Australia is great… i have my cousins who live there.

    unknown-user on #167032

    Hey! I am Steff, and am18 from the US (Seattle area) it would be great to stay in touch, I have been thinking about getting a Camac Electric Blue for awhile, though am happy with my pedal, the Prestige. Hope you have fun harping! e-mail me sometime, would love to chat. kikoskates@hotmail.com

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