Hey, ANY harpists want to chat?

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    unknown-user on #167483

    Hi! My name is Sara and I am 16 (almost 17!!). I have been playing
    the harp since September of last year and absolutely love it!! I
    would really enjoy emailing other harpists. Email me if you’re
    interested. My email: harpmelody85@hotmail.com.

    unknown-user on #167484

    hey! i’m heather.. i’m a freshman in high school (i’m 13 though) and i’ve been playing the harp for a little over six years. my e-mail: harpingchic@aol.com

    Ruth Mar on #167485

    Add me to your list!

    unknown-user on #167486

    hey Sarah, I’m Rachel and I’m 16 too (as of V-day).

    unknown-user on #167487

    Hey,I wanna chat.Add me to your list.My name and my email:Baris, the_memnoch@hotmail.com

    unknown-user on #167488

    I would love to chat about anything harp! Could you guys add me to your e-mail list (or whatever you have going)? I’m 17, a homeschooled highschool senior, and I’ve been playing harp for 8.5 years. My e-mail address is Elizabeth@JaxonFamily.net.

    HBrock25 on #167489

    Hey my name is Carl and I’m 17. You can add me on to your msn or just email me. My msn/email is cmehner@houston.rr.com. I’ve been playing harp for 6 years and piano for 9.

    unknown-user on #167490

    What’s up harpists? I’m Suzanne, and I am almost 18. I have been playing the harp for 8 months, and I love it more than ANYTHING. I would like more than anything to talk to another harpists. There aren’t very many of us where I live. Please talk to me. My email is suz_ician@yahoo.com

    unknown-user on #167491

    Hi, my name is Sage and, though I am only 12 (13 in july!!)
    I would love to chat. I started playing the harp a year and
    a half ago,and befor that I played piano for two years.

    unknown-user on #167492

    Hi! I’m Emily and I am 14 years old. I’ve been playing the harp for 5 years, and I would love to talk to some other harpists. My e-mail is harpist89@yahoo.com.

    unknown-user on #167493

    Hi, I’m from Vienna, and have been playing harp for three years-I
    love it! And a I just got a brand new black Salvi Aurora in the
    summer! If you want to e-mail me my address is

    unknown-user on #167494

    hi Sarah! I’m 13 as well though in 8th grade! i would luv to chat with another harpist so u can email me @ theItalian91@yahoo.com if you feel like chatting! laterz.


    unknown-user on #167495

    Hey you guys!!! Do you guys know of Michelle Gott or Caryn Gott? Their awesome!!

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