Hermine vs Aziliz or other Camacs

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    sherri-w on #218700

    Hi everyone. I’ve played an Aziliz in the past and loved it. However my financial situation isn’t what it was so I am considering the Hermine instead (I just got back into playing after a few years off due to my back and no teachers where I live (but now I can take lessons via Skype)). There is no place I can try a Hermine anywhere within a jet ride of at least several hours. So has anyone tried the Hermine and the Aziiz? How do they sound in comparison and especially how easy is it son the hands. I know they have the same strings but I’ve heard that doesn’t make them play the same. THANK YOU!!

    tanyanoel on #218705

    I have tried out most of the Camac line, however not the Aziliz. I would recommend the Isolde to you, it is very popular and very easy on the hands it has what I call the ‘noodle’ string tension. I often lesson on that harp (my teacher is also a Camac dealer) as well as other Camac harps and I would recommend looking into that harp instead of the Hermine and it is similarly priced and I think the Isolde sounds and feels better to play as it is a larger instrument.

    I purchased an Camac Excaliber (I prefer higher tension and that it is!).

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