Here’s a thought/request!

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    kay-lister on #69982

    OK all you harp makers out there.

    tony-morosco on #69983

    Already done. The Camac DHC Blue Light

    But because it is a solid body it is still not lighter than the carbon fiber floor harps (just as the wood solid body electrics aren’t lighter than the wooden floor harps). It weighs in at about 11 lbs.

    Still, I held Deborah’s at a concert a year or so ago and it is significantly lighter than my wood bodied 30 string Camac baby blue electroharp.

    kay-lister on #69984

    You know, I was wondering if it had already been done.

    deb-l on #69985

    my next dream harp.. DHC Blue Light, yep.

    jessica-wolff on #69986

    Deb, you need more lives than a cat to accommodate all the harps you like (and cello too)!

    deb-l on #69987

    you’re at least one instrument ahead of me Jessica, lets see, harp, guitar and banjo I think?

    jessica-wolff on #69988

    Yep, those are the three, and I’ve been known to fool with the balalaika and bowed psaltery too, but frankly, I don’t do all of them justice. And yes, I like a lot of different harps.

    deb-l on #69989

    Playing folk harp with other instruments I’ve done and enjoyed, at one
    time I played the flute, viola, mandolin, harp concurrently, and it was very enjoyable. Cello is such a beautiful instrument, learning it as an adult takes a great deal of time and effort.

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