Help with harp age/serial numbers….

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    HBrock25 on #146927

    Does anyone out there have a Lyon Healy harp with a serial number near 12900? I am looking at purchasing a Lyon Healy concert grand today that has the above serial, but since Lyon and Healy is closed all weekend, I can’t ask them to look up the age. I think it’s late 90’s early 2000’s, but I am hoping that I could find out something more specific. Thanks very much!

    Tacye on #146928

    Mine has a serial number a few hundred earlier and I bought it in spring/summer of 1997.

    unknown-user on #146929

    My L&H has a low 13000s serial number and was built in 2001.


    Sid Humphreys on #146930

    My 23 is numbered 12072. It was made in 1994.


    eliza-morrison on #146931

    My 17 is #13319, and was bought new in 1999.

    unknown-user on #146932

    Are you sure? My serial number is lower than yours but was made later… maybe I’m wrong (I bought used) but the owner was very sure.

    eliza-morrison on #146933

    Hi Sam,
    I am sure about the serial number and date of purchase, but I was also not the original owner, so perhaps the harp was older than brand-new when purchased.

    E Moody on #146934

    Thanks so much, everyone!

    I went ahead and bought it….so I’ll just have to wait until Lyon and Healy opens on Monday to find out its exact age. The previous owner thought she bought it new in 2000, but we’ll see.

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