Help! Venus harp disks in Europe

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    HBrock25 on #71093

    I’m facing a problem finding an online harp shop in Europe selling disks for a Venus Grand Concert harp.
    Can anyone suggest me one?
    It’s a bit urgent and i can not trust the long time shipping from US.
    I’m in Athens, Greece
    O, please, please, help!

    Is there any other harp model (Camac for example) which disks are suitable for Venus Grand Concert?
    Thank you!

    carl-swanson on #71094

    The only discs which might fit are Lyon & Healy. Which discs do you have to replace?

    Lilia Goulielmou on #71095

    I need F natural

    HBrock25 on #71096

    Pencerdd in Wales ( can also supply Venus spare parts.

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