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    adam-b-harris on #148580


    I am doing a wedding in a couple of weeks time, and the couple has asked that I play a tune called “He”. Apparently it is some kind of hymn. Does anybody know if there is anywhere on the net I can here this tune so I can work out an arrangement? Everytime that I google He and Hymn it comes up with all the other hymns that contain the word “He”.



    jennifer-buehler on #148581

    Do they have a composer and religious tradition for the song?

    adam-b-harris on #148582

    No they haven’t thanks Jessica. I haven’t been given any information at all really. However, I just remembered a midi file search engine I used to use years ago and did a search there and it seems to be throwing up the same tune all the time. So I have emailed them a copy for them to confirm or deny. Hopefully its the same tune.

    patricia-jaeger on #148583

    Adam, The song He was copyrighted in 1954 by Avas Music Publishing Company, 250 West 57th St, New York City. Music composed by Jack Richards, words by Richard Mullan. “The lofty, melodious song proved ideal for singer Al Hibbler in 1954, and his recording was a bestseller”. This is from the vocal/piano music of He

    patricia-jaeger on #148584

    I just went to, Adam, and found 4 or 5 people singing or playing this song! Here is the link to Pat Boone singing it with The Lennon Sisters:

    Sherj DeSantis on #148585


    adam-b-harris on #148586

    Thanks ever so much for all your help. I’ve managed to lay my hands on a copy.



    jan-fetty on #148587

    I found sheet music for “He” at

    jessica-wolff on #148588

    You sent me surfing the web for Al Hibbler, whom I associate most with “Unchained Melody.” Found out that he had been with Duke Ellington’s band. BTW one doesn’t hear nearly enough of Duke Ellington on the harp.

    Misty Harrison on #148589

    “He” is a great song for church stuff and it’s easy on harp

    there’s an easy version and a “hard” version which isn’t hard at all

    unknown-user on #148590

    Just checked ebay using he and hibbler – there are 8 copies of the sheet music listed and 26 of the 45rpms he had out – I love ebay- lol

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