Help needed: Should I get a refund for my new harp?

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    wil-weten on #223001

    Hi Stardust, thanks for letting us know this really positive result.

    So, now you may like to start a new thread on the kind of things which may be important to you when selecting a decent quality harp.

    Marla Spellenberg on #225910

    I’m happy the admins left this post up. Now I’m scared, too, (after reading thru all the responses) of the playability of my first harp, also purchased from Muzikkon in Dublin, Ireland. I just received notification that it’s at Heathrow airport, London, outbound for Massachusetts, USA.

    I too couldn’t afford a Dusty or Camac… and purchased this one to take lessons on, and save for a “named” harp. Its costing me over $100 to ship (and at least that much, from the sounds of it, to ship it back. I bought the 28 string Claddagh Lever harp, in walnut, I saved from my pension for 3 months waiting to have enough money to buy it. I feel so stupid. I’ve been so excited. My friends are all excited as well, and now my hopes are dashed. I didn’t ask about a warranty, either, and should have. I did buy thru EBay, paying with PayPal. So there’s hope of support if I have to return it.

    I’m so incredibally disappointed and upset with myself. I should have known better, and saved my money longer. It’s true… the less you pay for something, the lower the quality it will inevitably be. Hubby says I’m “jumping the gun” since it’s not here yet. If it’s that bad we’ll return it. Sounds like it’s easier said than done. Sigh.

    wil-weten on #225913

    Hi Maria, the original problem has already been solved several months ago. I think it’s best not to write any further in this thread as things have worked out fine. No need to unnecessarily damage a shop’s name.

    Your own problem seems at least partly to be a different one. Please, start your own thread and we’ll be happy to help.

    Also, when the harp arrives, do ask your teacher to have a good look at it, both to its playability and its construction. Some of these paki harps are better than their reputation. Hopefully, you will get a more or less decent harp (just don’t expect the levers to be functional) for a great price.

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    Biagio on #225929

    Most of the original OP’s issues have been resolved (they concerned the strings in the treble). Muzikkon is not a instrument making shop really but a general music instrument retailer. They also appear to have become cognizant of some naming issues and resolved those too.

    So I agree with Wil, don’t panic.

    It is true that these harps such as the Claddagh are made in Pakistan and the levers used for them are usually lower quality than others. However, there is considerable variability – sometimes, when we find problems that is only because they were not mounted accurately. So don’t panic yet about that either.

    Best wishes,

    Marla Spellenberg on #225994

    Thank you, Biagio! I’m feeling somewhat better about it. I ordered the harp with Nylgut strings. I hope they are better than the nylon.

    Muzikkon has been wonderful to me, answering a plethora of questions and letting me make changes to my order! I’m so naive, it was only after I had paid for the harp that I found out it was made in Pakistan (thru other research). I figured maybe the Pakistani harp makers make a range in their quality of harps and if a music store carries them, they must be the high end of quality.

    I guess it’s a wait and see about the levers. There are a few harp makers in Boston, MA area that I can take it to if a problem arises.
    I appreciate your time to assuage my fears!
    I’ll start another thread should I need it!

    Stardust on #225995

    Best of luck, Maria! 🙂 Please do let us know how it turns out for you. It may be your experience is totally different to mine.

    Kind regards,
    Stardust (OP)

    Marla Spellenberg on #226008

    Thank you Stardust, I appreciate the history of your dilemma. I learned alot. I simply panicked. It’s a purchase I’ve waited a long time to save for! I’ve found out the harp is in N.Y. Customs as of late on March 24. I should have it in a few days.

    I appreciate your writing back. I didn’t realize I was hijacking your thread, just looking at the continuity and similarities.

    I’ll let every one know when it comes in, and after my harp teacher looks at it. I’ve enjoyed the 2 lessons if had so far. I’m already starting to look for a better harp from a known manufacturer, but this one will still be the basic learning instrument for a while.


    Stardust on #226013

    Just take it as it comes – it’s good you’ve got someone to look it over for you and give you some lessons!

    When you get the harp, make sure they’ve given you a proper string chart. Then maybe you could have your harp teacher look at that as well, to make sure it’s sound?

    Best wishes again!
    I’ll be around watching for your thread. Everyone here have been very kind to me; I hope we – and I myself – can be of help to you too, should you need it. Or, if nothing else, share in your joy and enjoyment of your new harp! 🙂


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