help me identify harp model

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    shelby-m on #253616

    Hi folks,
    this is my first post in several years, I used to be quite active here several years ago while I was still in college.

    I remember at some point I learned of a unique, small lap/therapy harp made by a newer luthier and the bottom of the soundbox was curved or rounded, rather than square. You would need a stand or something but I thought the round shape looked comfortable for seated playing. You could choose a custom wood stain in a rainbow of options. I think it was either 22 or 25 strings. It was laminate wood and strung with nylon, and pretty affordable.

    I remember thinking it was an adorable little harp but now I can’t find it anywhere! I have tried every possible google search I can think of. It’s driving me nuts that I can’t remember it and I’m starting to wonder if I am imagining the whole thing? Does anyone know what I am talking about?

    wil-weten on #253617

    Could it be one of Blevins? Have a look at blevins dot com.
    I saw an Eden 26 and Bourree 26 and a Bourree 28 with a rounded bottom. There may be more models available (but I knew the names of these models) and it’s a bit harder searching on their new website.

    harpist123 on #253618

    Here is my Blevins Eden 26 string harp. They are still being made. It has a rounded bottom which will not stand up on its own in the upright position without the stand. However, you can lay it down on its back. Here you can see the stand that is made to place it on. It has a lovely sound because of the soundbox. And it’s fairly lightweight. However, you cannot place it directly on your lap, because it is a larger “lap harp” (probably considered a “small harp”) which needs to sit directly in front of you, either on the same stool you sit on (if you straddle the bench), or on another bench in front of your chair. I chose to get it fully levered with Truitt levers, which definitely brings the price up. But you can get it levered any way you want, and choose less expensive levers.

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    wil-weten on #253621

    You may also like the Camac Odyssey 26 harp. You can get it in all kinds of colour. It’s a new Camac model.
    Unfortunately, posts with links to sites get removed nowadays, so I try it this way (delete the spaces in between the links)
    odyssey – harps . eu /

    Biagio on #253624

    It might also be a Marini.

    kathy-chanik on #253627

    It sounds like a Caswell Sweetharp, those came in a rainbow of colors. Unfortunately the builder has died and those are no longer made, but Blevins may be making a new version.

    Biagio on #253628

    The Caswell Sweetharp was a 29 string with removable legs. Other unique features: it had a split neck with guitar tuners instead of harp pegs. Nice little harp, I had one for a while.

    Chris was certainly not new to luthiery, he was one of the first in the US making folk harps as well as being a great teacher and musician.

    shelby-m on #253629

    Hi Kathy-chanik,

    Yes! The Caswell Sweetharp!!! Thank you for solving the mystery! I’m very saddened to hear the builder has died. 🙁 I had been hoping to add one to my harp family someday. The geared tuners and sound quality for the price really amazed me.

    I will have to check out the Blevins harp and Camac Odyssey that were mentioned above.

    hearpe on #253630

    I’m sure a bunch of people would still like a Caswell Sweetharp! They were very nice, and great sounding lightweight harps. I’m not sure how many were ever made. I’ve searched them a few times, and never seen one at random on used listings.

    Just inquired about the Odyssey harp and was given a quote of $2500 before shipping. Probably won’t be diving in to that very soon. But if anybody’s got a used Bardic they would sell at a relatively low cost I might be interested.

    Stoney End makes a lightweight lap harp. I’ve got an Eve but wouldn’t mind a Brittany either. Five harps had better be enough here, including an inexpensive Musicmaker Lyric Clarsach.

    Good luck in your quest.

    wil-weten on #253633

    An Odyssey costs $2500 before shipping? In Europe the price is only 1500 euro…

    hearpe on #253671

    Yes, with full levers- that’s what the Atlanta Harp Center quoted me.

    wil-weten on #253676

    Camac harps are significantly less costly in Europe than in the US. I guess this mainly has to do with importing tariffs and shipping costs. Yes, in Europe the Odyssey costs fully levered 1500 euro
    On the other hand, in Europe, Dusty harps are significantly pricier than in the US.

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