Help, I’m stuck in by harp!

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    kay-lister on #164156

    The answer on another thread has brought me to this question. Has anyone or do you know of anyone who has even gotten their hair, clothing, body part or whatever stuck in the harp or a musical instrument.

    kay-lister on #164157

    Sorry – stuck in MY harp. Somebody switched my keys around again!

    andy-b on #164158

    Well, not stuck in the harp exactly, but years ago I was moving a Salvi McFall lever harp I had (on a dolly, but with only the cloth cover on the harp), when I tripped…the harp stayed perfectly still and upright, and my face and upper lip made direct contact against the tuning pins.

    unknown-user on #164159

    I would ask was what my head doing so low on the harp as for the hair to catch the string in the first place….

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #164160

    I used to have a layered cut which caused my hair to form “wings” that would regularly get caught in the discs. I would have to wait until the next flat pedal change to release myself!

    brook-boddie on #164161

    I’ve never had hair or a body part stuck in the harp, but a harp string almost put my eye out once.

    unknown-user on #164162

    Yes, I’ve had hair caught in discs, but usually just one or two strands and nothing a gentle tug has not remedied. I’ve also had bits of furry woollen fingerless mittens caught in the underside of the action. For out door gigs, or practising on cold nights, I use fingerless mittens that are made out of mohair.

    unknown-user on #164163

    Oh, and I have been stuck to chairs…I used to have this outfit of red silk that had loads of gold embroidery and

    Pat Eisenberger on #164164

    Brook –

    The same thing happened to me, except I was home practicing. Forunately I have glasses, or else I’m sure it would have hit me right in the eye. My teacher said she never heard of this happening. Now there’s two of us!

    Audrey Nickel on #164165

    Well, it finally happened to me today!

    I was practicing very intently with a rehearsal CD, and suddenly realized that I couldn’t move my head!

    diane-michaels on #164170

    Salzedo has arranged it for harp and violin.

    unknown-user on #164171

    I have always performed Meditation directly from the piano part, never found problems with reading directly from piano

    paul-wren on #164172

    If you want a easier version, Daniel Burton did an arrangment for Flute and Harp that I am sure the violin could play. I think it is in Book 5 of Flute and Harp pieces.

    unknown-user on #164166

    I have had my long hair stuck in the pins of the Brittany but I am new to harp and have had no problem onstage for the simple reason that I am not ready to play harp onstage. However,

    B Y on #164167

    Sure! Depending on the hairstyle of the week, my hair gets stuck…my earrings pull…my clothing sticks to the harp if it’s humid…I’ve even gotten my hand stuck in the harp, while changing a string. Terrible!

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