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    paula-bressman on #214607

    Can anyone identify the maker of this harp? A family wants to donate it and doesn’t know where the owner bought it. All I have is the one picture. Working on getting a photo of the other side. I’m not able to get to the harp in person.


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    charles-nix on #214609

    Looks like a DragonHeart from Dave Woodworth/Pamela Bruner at Heartland harps. They only make carbon fiber harps now. The Delight 38 is the carbon fiber version of this model.

    Advantages are that you can sit under it without tilting back on your shoulder, and the curved soundboard straightens out the harmonic curve in the neck.

    Light to medium tension. Well respected, quality builder in the lever harp industry, now located in North Carolina. Still in business and supportive of their models. Strings usually come from Northshore or Vermont strings.

    Would any other information be helpful?

    Charles Nix

    paula-bressman on #214680

    Thank you Charles! I wrote to them, and it is one of their harps called the Vesta.

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