Help!!! i have a buzzing string

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    unknown-user on #167174

    Hi does anyone know how to resolve a buzzing string? I have checked all the usual things such as the felts, tuning the harp the string, checking the plates ect.

    I���ve run out of other things to check


    please reply if you can help me to stop this annoying buzz

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #167175

    Is it buzzing in flat or with the discs engaged? Which string? Check under the title “noisy actions in harps” under the Professional Harpists forum. There’s some good advice there. There are some good books on this. I have Samuel Pratt’s “More Affairs of the Harp” but I believe Carl Swanson has written a book on this as well.
    Sometimes it’s just that the disc is a bit loose, or the screws in the pedal caps are buzzing. If it’s in the springs, then you have to tighten up the back plate screw. But don’t try this unless you know how. If it’s a wire string buzzing in flat, it could be that it’s not seated properly in the groove. If the stationary nuts are the old style, you can just loosen the string, put a small piece of felt in the groove and then rest the string on it before you tighten up the string again. The new style have an adjustable groove, but you need to know how to adjust them. Is there a technician in your city?

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