Help! Harp Music Needed for Upcoming Concert

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    wendyyun on #212537

    I’m in dire need of help. I am looking for a copy of the harp accompaniment to Peter Niedmann’s Lullee, Lullay for SATB choir. This is part of our December choral concert, the first of three programs for our 100th year anniversary. The string/harp accompaniment packet that was ordered arrived without the harp part, and now the publisher says it cannot provide it for weeks, which is past our concert date.

    Our hired harpist needs the music. If anyone can help us find a copy to borrow or rent (scanned would be wonderful), that would be greatly, greatly appreciated. My direct email is Our dress rehearsal is 12/13 for a 12/16 concert. Thanks so much! –Wendy

    Tacye on #212538

    With the publishers permission, could you photocopy the score and cut out the harp part? Not ideal but I have played from parts made up that way.

    Gretchen Cover on #212546

    I would contact the composer directly via his website and explain your predicament. I am willing to bet he will get the harp part to you.

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