Help: Anyone know the name of this piece?

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    unknown-user on #167033

    Sorry, taking 3 post spaces, maybe one of the young harpist is playing or had played this piece?

    Here’s the link for the sound/ video clip:

    I would like to know

    rod-anderson on #167034

    She mixes it up a little, but she is playing parts of the Allegro Moderato from the fourth Sonata, from F J Naderman’s “Sept Sonates Progressives pour la Harpe” (7 Progressive Sonatas for the Harp), Hasselmans’ edition, published by Salvi.

    unknown-user on #167035

    I live in California, but I think I know what you meant Grade 6 piece- ABRSM exam right?

    Thank you so much for fast reply and the information, Rod.

    I will be checking into it.

    rod-anderson on #167036

    Glad to help.

    chatelain-nathalie on #167037

    Dear Iris,

    I am coming in California in two weeks, maybe I can make you a copy of the Movement you need ? Are you living near Los Angeles or San Francisco ? I am coming to do a recital and masterclass in San Francisco, and I can give you the notes ? Tell me if you want ?

    Nathalie Chatelain, Switerland

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