hello Mr. Sara – you ok?

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    unknown-user on #147291

    With all the unrest – to put it mildly – in Syria these days, has anyone heard from Basil Sara recently?

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #147292

    Basel is on facebook. He can’t play his harp right now because he left the city and could not take it with him. He is horrified by all the violence and is very depressed.

    kay-lister on #147293

    SO SAD!

    carl-swanson on #147294

    I’m really concerned for Basel. He usually calls me once a week or so. But I haven’t heard from him in maybe a month now. The last call he told me that he and his sister and their parents had left Homs and were staying in a friend’s vacation villa(if I remember correctly). He was sick with worry for the harps, because he had to leave them at home. After all the work it took for him to get two good harps, I’m praying that they don’t get damaged, destroyed, or stolen in all of this upheaval.

    sherry-lenox on #147295

    Sending positive thoughts and hopes for the best outcome possible……

    mr-s on #147296

    Hello my Dears, Hello M John, I love you all you make me cry, thank you so much for your kind hearts and asking about my safety, it’s scary but no problem God and Jesus be with us, Carl I miss you too, I am back home, sorry for not calling you just don’t want to make you sick of these stuffes, and in the city the Internet not working all the time so excuse me for not writing here. Sorry I can’t write more in public .

    My big love for you all my dear best harp friends.

    carl-swanson on #147297

    Just to let everyone know, I got a telephone call from Basel this morning. He’s back home and the harps are fine. He has to be very careful going out and sometimes has to stay home for days at a time because of the violence. But he managed to get to an internet cafe today and call me.

    Jerusha Amado on #147298


    I’m so glad to hear that you are safe and that the harps are safe also!!

    unknown-user on #147299
    Carl – thanks for letting us know – glad to hear that he is ok and managing – is there anything he needs or anything at all that we can do for him from here to help him get through this awful situation?
    Catherine Heise on #147300

    Thank you for the update, Carl.

    mr-s on #147301

    Hello to all of you,I did call Carl yesterday as I heard about that horrible Hurricane and wanted to ask about his safety,and I wish safety to all of my friends here and their families,may God be with you all the time. Thank you Mr John and Jerusha and everybody.

    My love to you…

    unknown-user on #147302
    Hi Carl – wondering if you have had any communications from Basel – I keep him in my thoughts and hope he is able to be safe –
    thanks for any updates 0

    carl-swanson on #147303

    Oh John- I don’t know what to do. He called me last week in the middle of the night absolutely hysterical because there was fighting in his city. I could hear loud gunfire in the background as we talked. I told him to stay away from the outside walls and to try to get to the basement and stay there if he could. I haven’t heard from him since and I’m very very worried. I emailed him tonight and asked him to contact me, but haven’t heard anything yet.

    Bonnie Shaljean on #147304

    He’s a Facebook buddy, so on that site I can see that he’s posted on his wall in the last two days, though it’s in his native language, so I can’t read it. But it’s engendered comments from others (which I also can’t decipher) and quite a few number of “Like”s, so that’s a hopeful sign. His most recent wall post is marked Tuesday (which is now yesterday for me) and there were two on Monday, so at least he’s managed to get online in the past couple of days.

    The email and phone communications there may be being monitored? In a recent Facebook private message to me (within the past week) he mentioned that he had to be careful about what he said (but didn’t elaborate) so it may be that FB, for all its sins, is actually a more secure means of communication (though everyone’s wall is public). WHICH MEANS THAT WE MUST BE CAREFUL WHAT WE SAY TOO. (Not that any of us knows anything…)

    This is not much help, but it’s a little reassuring anyway to know that he’s at least able to post online and have some contact with people. But – maybe emails & the telephone are not the best route for him right now? I remember the role that social network sites have played in several large foreign national events – governments seem to have to ban them (or internet access outright) because they’re obviously not externally controllable. Am watching, waiting, and hoping just like the rest of you!

    carl-swanson on #147305

    Bonnie- Thank you for that post. It’s reassuring to know that he is still alive. What a horrible situation.

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