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    mr-s on #187259

    Hello , I would like that i love this site so much , and consider it as my harp house, I was unable to write here for many reasons , I am in Sweden now , not in my lovely Country any more , I was so tired after getting out of the war , and still have some problems as the influences was so enormous on me, abs plus I am unable to deal with the new site ,I had a miracle here in 2007 made by the support of Carl Swanson, and Mrs Handelsman, and Venus Harps and many kind members here , but happiness never last , I had to leave everything I owned in my life to get out , Harps, My big library of Music scores , my CDs , and to start just a new empty life , but miracle comes again , I got a big support from Willy Postma and the generous of Madam Susann McDonald and kindness of Susan Enochsson ,the Great Susann McDonald afforded about the Half price of the New Salvi Harp , and Salvi afforded the other, I got a new Salvi Ex47 Daphne, and trying to rebuilt my harp Music scores and books and CDs , but I want to say that I am very eager to see my First Venus Harp , to play my Music that I had from Russia and USA , I know that I can’t get anything back , but I would like to thank everybody helped me in 2007 including Carl and Venus Wally and Denise and all the friends here , and to Thank Susann McDonald , Willy Postma and Salvi , but I still love my Venus too and so much .

    catherine-rogers on #187260

    So glad to hear you are safe! I keep you in my prayers and hope you will soon be happy in your new life with your new harp!

    jimmy-h on #187264

    I’m so very glad to hear that you are somewhere safe.

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #187265

    We are all so relieved that you were able to get out safely, and that you are playing again!

    Sherj DeSantis on #187294

    Welcome back Basel! Is there anything we can do to help? Many Blessings! Sherj

    lisa-green on #187316

    Hello Basel. It is so good to hear from you. I have kept you in my thoughts for the past couple of years and hoped you would find safety and return to the harp. All the best.

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