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    Hi, I’m madeline and i’m 12 years old. I’ve been living in Tulsa,
    Oklahoma for about 5 years now and started playing harp A year and a
    half ago. My family just bought me a Pedal harp 2 weeks ago So i’m
    excited about that. Anyway, I’m looking for other harpest friends
    so, AIM me at “Purplecornpuff” or E-mail me
    at “purplecornpuff@yahoo.com" or, if you have Yahoo Messenger, You
    can messageme at “Purplecornpuff” lol, Don’t ask about my
    screenname, i just thought it was funny. Well, Happy Harping!

    unknown-user on #167294

    Hey madeline! I’m about to turn 13, I live in Houston, TX and i’ve been playing for 3 years. Congrats on your new pedal harp! I’m hoping to get one soon! My aim sn is andi3booo22 and my email is aggiegirl2013@houston.rr.com!

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    Hey Madeline.

    unknown-user on #167296

    Hey Everybody:)

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