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    unknown-user on #167657

    My name is Jacqueline. I’m 13. Email me at cassuttmail@yahoo.com or
    aim me at bunnynose491. I’m getting ready to be part of a compition
    called the Keller Compition. It is for all instruments and it is for
    people 21 and under. If i make it i would be the first harpist and
    youngest person to make it. Any tips to help me so i can make it?
    What are they sure to look for? And also does anyone have any
    methods on memorizing long harp pieces, because it is not my
    strength and the piece must be memorized. Thank you very much!

    unknown-user on #167658

    Don’t play anything longer than you have the stamina for. Measure by your worst passages not your best. If you get those to where you feel proud of them, then the best will be great. If you’re playing all solos, do at least one that shows off what the harp can do. And do at least one that is serious music. The Beethoven Variations on a Swiss Air would be good,

    unknown-user on #167659

    Hi! This year I had a competition, too. I had to play 20 minutes. I had to learn all pieces by harp. I didn’t learned them by heart. I played this pieces very often and so I memorized them any time. My tip: Practice very much. And you will wonder, try to play them without partition. If you can’t remember some notes look them up. Good luck

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