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    HBrock25 on #156830

    for about a year now, since my German folk music friend sang her good bye story on her German 30 odd string floor harp, I realised that THAT is what I need!
    I can play all kindsa instruments, read music, perform in public etc etc but tonight… tonight I met a friend and had a go on hos 20 odd string, bit bigger then knee harp
    My resolve is made.
    I am going to get started asap so…
    I have decided 22-27 strings will do me for now, I will get a Celtic/bardic harp and I have made my list down to 2 online choices (as I am a million miles away from anywhere to buy one) would you guys be able to help me choose which one? if I put links up for the ones I want? It’s the top part, as far as I can tell it might be something to do with the space of the strings but I don’t actually know

    Siobhain Farrell on #156831

    I’m getting too excited tbh, like I said I’vee been looking at harps tp buy for a year now so I’ll post the links any way…

    this is the harp I want…


    it comes with warranties and everything

    and this is the harp my friend has, now he’s won welsh championships (U.K.) and suchlike


    it also comes with all the warranties

    it’s the shape of the top that worries me, does it make a difference on the sound?

    Tony G on #156832

    I’m sorry to be such a downer, but I would strongly suggest against getting either one of those harps. They are both Mid-eastern harps.

    I have done a good deal of research, and those harps sound like toys compared to real harps… there is very little resonance and no tone quality to speak of. I have also read a lot of horror stories about people buying those harps and having them come apart, or require adjusting right away.

    My suggestion is (if money is a big concern and maybe you’re not 100% sure about making a big investment on a harp till you see if you’ll really enjoy playing it) get something like a cardboard harp:

    http://www.waringmusic.com/new_page_6.htm (19 strings)

    http://www.backyardmusic.com/Harps.html (22 strings)

    If you listen to youtube clips of the backyard and waring harps, the tone is actually much sweeter and more mellow than any of the mid-eastern harps.

    I also like the sound of the Caswell harps:


    He has been having some supplier problems, but it sounds like he’s moving past that. These harps have a very nice tone, and he has a no-interest payment plan for all of his harps.

    Other than that, I would suggest renting from somewhere like: http://www.harpconnect.com

    However this is the blind leading the blind. 😉 Good luck on your purchase! Hopefully some of the more knowledgeable harpies will chime in.

    Cheshire Cat on #156833

    I have to agree.. I’ve played both of those harps and they are (sorry but…) absolutely dreadful, they are

    A. Riley on #156834

    Or order a harpsicle through a reputable dealer like Sylvia Woods (www.harpcenter.com), or someone like that in your area.

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