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    unknown-user on #160280

    I have recently bought a L&H Ogden, and today I bought a new wooden music stand to match. The stand is excellent and is made in Germany, but I feel that it doesn’t go low enough, and as the harp is only 53″ high that is doesn’t look right. There is no way that it can be cut off at the bottom to solve the problem. Fortunately I can return it in seven days. Does anyone have any idea of a music stand that is sturdy that would work. I would appreciate your help on this matter. Many thanks.

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #160281

    I had the same problem with my Webster harp. I had a beautiful wooden stand with a lyre on it…loved it, but it stood on three elevated legs and it would just not go low enough — especially for use at the Webster, but even for the Camac pedal harp. My husband modified it with a new base of cross-piece wood that he stained to match. I wanted a nice wooden stand for the Camac, and I found this one: Conservatory Stand

    unknown-user on #160282

    Thanks Briggsie, I will check them both

    barbara-brundage on #160283

    I love my Anderson stand, but it might be a bit too modern looking for what you want (pricey, too);


    It does go very low, though.

    Rachel on #160284

    I have one of these stands, and it goes low enough and I love the extra shelf.

    kathy-chanik on #160285

    Woohoo, those Mister Standmans are really pretty, and very harpy-specific looking.

    Rachel on #160286

    I believe the maker’s wife is a harpist, so there’s a reason that many of the designs have harps on them.

    Chris Asmann on #160287

    I will second the vote for mrstandman.com

    I have one in walnut with tiger maple trim, the walnut goes well with the wanut my harp is made of, and the light maple trim makes it look a little less ponderous.

    It’s very sturdy, nicely made and has a much larger desk than any other stand I’ve seen. I also went for the shelf underneath and it’s great. It fits my tuner, an obelisk type metronome, a tuning key, dusting brush, pencils and still has room for a cup of tea on a coaster.

    I don’t know how I ever lived without it. Mike will make whatever you want. I know he prefers native woods, but you can ask about bubinga or have another wood stained to match the general color of your harp.

    Rachel on #160288

    If you’re looking for a lighter stand, my other stand besides my Mister Standman that I am able to use for outdoor gigs also has a wide desk and it’s called a

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