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    mae-mcallister on #187267

    Hello all,

    I’m currently looking for a small headphone amplifier that I can plug a mic and some headphones into. It needs to be small so that it can sit in the bottom of my harps. It needs a volume control and that’s it. I’ve seen a lot of discussion here on the subject of mics and amplifiers but nothing about headphone amplifiers. Does anyone use them? I want to use it as an in-ear monitor system so that I can hear myself play in the pub and in gigs.

    I’ve been looking at the vox series of guitar/bass headphone amplifiers, but the barrage of dodgy reviews and frequent mentions of the word “hiss” have put me off.

    Any suggestions?

    Biagio on #187268

    Mae, this sounds to me as though you want a pre-amp; would that be right? One reasonably priced option would be the K&K Pure pre-amp with single or dual pick ups. I don’t know what kind of output jack it uses nor specifics about volume/gain controls but it might fit the bill.


    Tacye on #187269

    Do you actually need amplification? With a contact microphone I wonder if a stethoscope system would be enough – at least one of my tuners takes both a microphone (I use a clip on) and earphones. My old minidisk player did too. I would try that first, though there might be more battery efficient solutions.

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