Hawaiian harp music

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    alexander-rider on #162528

    Susan Drake recorded it for her collection ‘Echoes of a waterfall’ on the Hyperion label. Gabriella Dall’Olio recorded it on Claves! Alex 🙂

    Bonnie Shaljean on #162529

    There’s a recording of it on an early album made by David Watkins in England, which dates back to the old days of vinyl LP’s, but there was later a re-release of it on CD.

    barbara-low on #162530

    Here’s another YouTube video of the Chanson De Mai. It’s the second piece. (The competitors are dressed casually because the judges are behind a screen.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYzHhPG_vqU

    unknown-user on #162526

    I would like to find some Hawaiian harp music, beginner to intermediate. Also, are there any books on beginner to intermediate reggae for the harp? Thanks.

    unknown-user on #162527

    I own a book – bought it in Hawaii but you could probably find it online:

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