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    unknown-user on #168044

    Hi there…I’m looking for a little advice.

    unknown-user on #168045

    Oh, by the way:

    marguerite-lynn-williams on #168046

    Colin- You may be able to rent a nice lever harp from an area harpist.

    unknown-user on #168047

    Dear Colin,
    I would suggest contacting the nearest music store that carries lever harps. They usually rent between $40-$75 a month, depending on the brand and payment plan. Sometimes the store will offer a rent-to-own plan, which is always great. Good luck, and just hang in there, everything will work out. It always does.

    Tacye on #168048

    Have your parents ever heard you play on a really good harp-
    perhaps at a lesson?

    Evangeline Williams on #168049

    Although you probably won’t want to only play a lap harp, they are more affordable and certainly easy to take places.

    SEAN DUCHINSKY on #168050

    colin-depending upon where you live, music stores (especially folk music stores) may have some good quality lever harps that are inexpensive.

    unknown-user on #168051

    Check with Heavenly Harps, Gerry Bullard in Atlanta.

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