Have any of you dealt with Wedding Selections?

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    David Ice on #146189

    They are supposedly developing a smartphone app for iPhone and Android phones.

    David Ice on #146190

    I’ve located at least one other musician who signed up for this “service” and he’s less than happy.

    elizabeth-motter on #146191

    I gave them $200 last year and they have yet to “go live” in my area….

    David Ice on #146192

    Welcome to the club, Elizabeth.

    elizabeth-motter on #146193

    Jean Sutton was the rep. I continue to get the ads to sign up for the thing, sent by various reps. Haven’t seen Jean Sutton as the rep for a while….
    I will have to check my records to see when I signed up. It has been a while. I think it was in the fall. I checked back in with Jean after the holidays and she said it would be “soon,” or some such thing. Drat!
    Well, thanks for posting this. I will write to Jean again and see if I get anything.

    David Ice on #146194

    Jean Sutton is still there…she’s who I spoke with.

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