Has anyone tried Harp Column Academy?

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    karen on #210064

    I have been looking at the website for Harp Column Academy and thinking about giving it a try. Has anyone had any experience with it thus far?

    kathy-chanik on #210065

    Karen, Harp Column Academy is wonderful! I’ve been playing harp-pedal and lever both-for over 40 years and I love looking at the videos. Sunita’s are my favorites, she teaches relaxation, phrasing and sensitivity just so beautifully. I watch her videos over and over since I play mostly lever these days, and also the excellent ones by Kim Robertson and Maeve. The nice thing about a video is you can watch it many times and really learn. And then when I want to get gobsmacked by amazing harp technique I watch Sara Bullen’s videos or Judy Loman’s. And they add new videos all the time-it’s so much fun!

    Sonya Wiley on #210085

    I love it ! I’ve discovered new music to try and of course you have access to these fabulous teachers that you would never have otherwise.

    karen on #210097

    Thanks Kathy and Sonya! I’m convinced and will give it a try! Kathy–I went to ‘harp-camp’ this summer in Canada(Canadian International Summer Harp Institute—fabulous!) and Judy Loman was one of the 3 teachers…she is a treasure!

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