Has anyone bought an Andrew Thom harp internationally?

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    corian on #191453

    Hello everyone, I’m actually in the process of obtaining a harp made by Andrew Thom. I live in the United States and so this is an international affair. I’m curious as to how others have paid for his instruments internationally. Is it always a direct bank transfer?

    Just trying to do a little more homework because it is such a large sum of money and my bank teller also instilled a bit of fear in me lol

    Biagio on #191459

    When I’ve sold harps overseas I generally prefer an electronic wire fund transfer, though I will accept PayPal. You should consult your bank and Andrew for the wire instructions. There is a fee for the wire and one for the monetary conversion – work that out with Andrew, I’m sure he is familiar with it and will tell you his preferences.


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