Has anyone actually played the Camac Ulysse?

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    Leslie Jabara on #189904

    I have been intrigued about the Camac Ulysse since they announced the harp. I am looking to invest in a lighter, more portable instrument with a few more strings. My current harp, which I love, is a Dusty Strings FH32 in maple and is quite heavy (I know, pedal harpists, I shouldn’t complain, but I have to lug this harp on public transit and up mountains to pubs and such).

    I have thought about purchasing one of the Heartland CF harps, but what I like about the Camac is the fact that even though most of the body is CF, the soundboard is still wood. Has anyone gotten their fingers on one? I have not seen a single review online, any customer pictures, video (aside from the advert by Camac), or anyone’s thoughts on the instrument.

    Has anyone played this phantom harp? What is the tension like? Sound? Any idea what the price will be?

    I am in the process of moving from the States to Ireland, so it may be awhile before I’m able to try one in person (Ryanair flight to France, perhaps?). Just wondering if anyone has played one.

    kathy-chanik on #189910

    Yes, there were three of them at the Virginia Harp Center’s booth at the Somerset festival in New Jersey last month. VERY nice harps, all three of them sold quickly. Price was about $4750, I believe. There was a red one, dark green, and a black one, all in a beautiful high gloss finish. Carbon fiber strings, so they projected very well. Tension was medium to medium light. Nice sound. Jakez Francois played his concert on one-he raised it up on a drawer from his room, cause they sit low on the ground, like a Janet or an Eireann. They also have fairly close spacing, almost like Janet Harbison spacing. I’m not sure exactly the weight, but Jakez was holding it up in the air with one hand. The combination of carbon fiber body and spruce soundboard works very well for this harp.

    If you go to the VA.Harp Center’s Facebook page, they posted some pictures and a video music sample about five weeks ago, just before the festival.

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