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    Elizabeth Kelly on #166109

    Hi everyone,

    I am looking for suggestions for a harp/violin duet. I found an older thread which gave some suggestions for some beginning harp/violin duet pieces, however I was wondering if there are suggestions for more advanced duets. (Both the violinist and I have been playing for several years.) If anyone has a suggestion (or suggestions) for a harp/violin piece (or one written for piano/violin, if it’s harpable) that they would be willing to share, I would appreciate it!

    Thanks a lot!


    patricia-jaeger on #166110

    Try “The Sleep of the Infant Jesus” by Henri Busser (France). It has many upward glissandos for harp, and soaring notes largely on the upper two strings, for violin. In another style, an Argentine Tango by Carlos Gardel called “Por Una Cabeza”, published by Herald Music for violin and harp. Both pieces are carried by major harp music dealers.

    patricia-jaeger on #166111

    Oops! The “glissandos” above should be “arpeggios”; sorry about that!

    william-nichols on #166112


    The Swan, by Camille Saint Saens is very, very beautiful. It was originally written for piano and violin I think but its often played with harp and violin.

    Good Luck.

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