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    I have a Harpsicle (the Sharpsicle model) so if the tension and string spacing is the same on the Grand Harpsicle then perhaps my experience will be of help.


    To “Unknown,” I’m coming into this discussion rather late, but as a teacher and professional harpist I get these questions all the time with students. Bottom line, if you are a performer with a musician’s ear, forget the “Popsicles” or any little lap harp of less than 30 or 33 strings; there is a reason everyone is trying to dump them online. You do not get any real resonance, or proper balance of bass with treble. And to amplify a toy-type harp only sounds like a loud toy. I’d save up for the Camac or L&H electroharps you mentioned. Or, Roger Muma Harps in London, ON makes a reasonably priced floor harp with a good resonance and there are some other very good harpmakers in Canada. You will never be sorry for holding out for quality sound–that’s what makes the harp worth the all the challenges of learning! Best of luck in your search.


    This is in reply to the Paraguayan harps, I tried to send an email and it came back, so I will try calling or Skype. Any suggestions as to the best way to reach this place, is it still in business? The whole site is up and appears to be working, I sent another email out, but will see what happens. thanks


    After carefully selecting a harp for the first time, I too like the first person who posted –investigated the Grand Harpsicle versus the Paraguayan harp….and I can tell you that I selected the Grand Harpsicle. They are by far simply”Popcicles”….and have a great tone–bass octaves……And you can plug it into an amp. I have had several harp concerts/recitals with it and love it…my harp teacher is buying one herself…and she plays celtic music. I am going to purchase a Paraguayan harp as well…soon…And you can play any type of music on it as you wish…get one with levers. A 5-9,000 harp US is not necessary….if you can play, then you can play any type of harp or music….save your money and get a 5,000 harp after you have played a year or more… want a few harps to practice with…..I also own a dusty strings ravenna -26 strings and a Stoney End eve harp…which I carry with me to lessons and harp retreats….If you need more information I would be glad to help!


    How different is the tension between your Grand Harpsicle and your Ravenna 26? Which do you prefer in terms of sound and playability? THanks!


    This is for Diane. I am a sound tech and a musician/teacher. You are very wrong about “Popsicles” actually Harpsicles. If you want them as a “toy” I guess you can do that. But they can also be a serious instrument. They are sold by Sylvia Woods Harp Center, Harp Connection, Pilgrim Harps UK etc. and they would not ruin their reputation by selling a “toy”, I know of pedal harpists that use them as practice harps and serious musicians that perform with them on stage. Being a sound man I can tell you that the Harpsicle does have good balance of bass and treble, plenty of acoustic volume and when they are plugged in these little guys are awesome.

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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