Harpsicle string spacing.

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    petaleaf on #256606


    I am considering buying the special edition Fullsicle harp by Harpsicle to add to my little harp family as an easy travel companion.

    I thought I read somewhere that the string spacing is smaller than a folk/celtic harp but now that I’m trying to find out more I can’t seem to find anything about the spacing between the strings.
    I play harps with both concert and folk spacing but having something closer than folk spacing seems a bit daunting to me.
    Please could someone with one of these harps tell what the spacing between the strings actually is as I can’t seem to find a solid answer.

    Thank you.

    hearpe on #256607

    I have a 26 string Sharpsicle- levers on C and F

    the string spacing seems to be about 12.5 to 13mm center to center- near as I can measure and my eyesight’s not getting any better these days.
    Hope that helps.

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