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    martin-solomon on #163660

    Just got my new natural Fullsicle today (the only disappointment was that the UK customs charged me £100 VAT before they would deliver it).

    Can anyone recommend the best way to hold it while playing? It seems difficult to keep steady and in one place (compared to my Camac 38-string).

    Are people using the strap or just resting it in their lap?


    Martin Solomon
    Bristol, UK

    Audrey Nickel on #163661

    Hi Martin,

    I have a Harpsicle, and I’ve found it easiest to use a lap bar.

    missy lannon on #163662

    i like my strap.

    Katy Clarke on #163663

    I’ve never had luck with the strap, but the lap bar is very handy!

    Cheryl Z. on #163664

    Hi Martin,

    While sitting in a chair, I prop the Harpsicle against my padded harp bench.

    Tacye on #163665

    For harps of that size I cross my ankles and rest the harp on the inside of my calves.

    Audrey Nickel on #163666

    It took me a while to get the knack of the strap, and even now (after having had the Harpsicle a year), I find playing with the strap awkward.

    Michael Wilson on #163667

    That’s exactly how I’ve been holding it, too.

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