harpsicle and flying?

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    cassandra sciortino on #157609

    I am taking a harpsicle to Stockholm, flying with SAS (Scandinavian Airlines); the dimensions for carry on are slightly lower than the harpsicle which is marketed as an item suitable for carry-on (overhead bins).

    Harpists who have traveled with this light and darling little harp–any experience? Words of wisdom?

    Thank you so much,

    Cassandra Sciortino

    HBrock25 on #157610

    I carried my harp on the plane during my 2008 trip to the UK.
    It fit perfectly in the carry on bin.
    I don’t have any experience with the Scandinavian Airlines… But I flew with Northwest and had no problems.

    Gianna Williams on #157611

    Hi Cassandra, what happened in the end? Were you ok to take it onboard? Did they make any fuss at check-in? I’d be interested to know.

    cassandra sciortino on #157612

    Dear Gianna,

    I had no trouble at all! United Airlines was perfectly fine about it; I used it as my “carry-on” item, along with a large purse and I wasn’t stopped or questioned.

    rod-wagoner on #157613

    I flew Delta with my Stoney End Brittany last summer.

    poppy-rose on #157614

    I bought my harpsicle

    cassandra sciortino on #157615

    Dear Edella,

    poppy-rose on #157616

    Dear Cassandra,

    the airline that the harp wouldn’t fit in the bin, was U.S Air, but the flight was a regional flight, connecting me to another. This means a smaller plane was

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