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    sarah-welch on #150334

    I have been playing classical pedal harp for most of my life.

    jessica-wolff on #150335

    Not to mention it has a good range–low C to high G–same as my old Troubadour. That’s pretty amazing for its small size!

    r-pista on #150336

    Well, I can’t vouch for the ‘grand’ harpsicle as I’ve never tried one, but I did buy a ‘sharpsicle’ last summer because I was traveling for 3 weeks and needed to keep in shape whilst being away from my concert grand. I have to admit that I was extremely disappointed. I was told that they would have the same tension as a pedal harp (which made me dubious to begin with). Perhaps I was just too strong for this little harp but it did not make a nice sound unless you played soft and light and when I tried to get more sound, the lower strings really ‘twanged’ and hit against each-other. I also was not that impressed with the overall quality of the instrument for the price…
    Perhaps the ‘grandsicles’ are of better construction/sound than their smaller model, but if you’re going to buy an instrument of troubador size and are concerned about the tone quality, I’d recommend you getting a L&H or a Salvi.
    Especially if you’ve been used to a concert grand previously.

    Karen Johns on #150337

    I suggest you try Musicmaker’s Limerick model. It has 26 strings and the projection and tone is amazing. Go to http://www.musikit.com , click on harps, then testimonials, and you can see one played in an Irish pub.

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