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    Having read another thread here (about the animal shelter; there were also discussions of pets), I thought it might be fun to start a new thread to share experiences we’ve had with our harps and our pets.

    David Ice

    My first dog, a terri-poo named Mike, actually seemed to learn the end of pieces.


    My dogs don’t care anything about the harp.


    I adopted a 3 yr old Shih-tzu about a year ago from the county shelter, he loves the harp & when I start tuning it he comes running from wherever he is in the house & plops himself down on the chair next to me. When I teach he gets quite indignant that I’m now sitting in “his” chair & tries to jump up on the student’s lap which isn’t very helpful! My husband plays trumpet & when he practices he doesn’t mind a bit, when he first heard the trumpet he would sit up on his hind legs & peer up the bell, really funny!


    My little Jackrussell (Maddie) always loved to sit IN MY LAP when I was practicing the lever harp.

    David Ice

    I have been raising 4 daschund puppies, and man it’s REALLY hard trying to pedal when 1) they like to crawl under the pedals (especially in flat) and 2) they love to nibble on toes!


    My two pekingese occasionally like to nap with their heads propped on the base of the harp…so I find myself cleaning pekingese snot off my harp periodically. And I have had to make them move from underfoot so I could pedal without squashing them!


    What a wonderful post!

    My dogs Sugar and Spike are a constant source of inspiration and amusement and frequently stay in my studio with me when I practice. Sugar my golden mutt likes to stay near me in the room but doesn’t interfere with my practice except for rolling around on her back with the occasional groan of boredom.

    On the other hand, Spike my lab mutt will lay in between the harp and my feet and refuse to move until I give him the affection he wants.

    I call it the puppy practice tax.

    I don’t mind though, he is so loyal and adorable I can never say no.

    My pets have frequently brought me back to reality when I am chained to the bench under a practice deadline.

    Although I try to lock them both up when I teach, they occasionally escape and come bounding down the stairs to say howdy to my students.

    It is always comic fun for everyone because they are so sweet and friendly.

    Pets are such a joy, where would we be without them! : )


    Oh absolutely. My cat Neil always paws at my leg when I practice. It’s like he is trying to say “PLEASE STOP THAT RACKET!!”


    I’m really not a cat person, but my teacher’s cats appear to have taken to me. They never come up to her studio when she’s playing, but one of them once jumped into my lap as I was having my lesson. And last week, the other one started climbing up the base of the harp. My teacher said she was getting jealous!




    It’s fun hearing about different pets and how they react to the harp. I mentioned the little Maltese that likes to sit at the base of the harp and watch my hands intently.

    Donna O

    My Bichon Andy always comes and lays down right in front of my harp when I play and will stay there as long as I am playing.

    Minnesota Harpist

    This was such fun to read.


    I’ve had cats who love the harp and cats who hate it.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 26 total)
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