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    David Ice

    Harp is very featured in the early sequences of the film Wall-E, performed by Gayle Levant and Katie Kirkpatrick.


    We just took the kids this weekend!


    We went a few weeks ago– I loved the harp in that score! It sounded very much like an electric harp to me. Just bought the soundtrack yesterday for my kids. It lists the harpists names but didn’t say if it was electric harp or not. It did mention “rendered harp solo” by Steve Tavaglione.

    I was able to pick out some of it on the harp by ear –my kids were very delighted to hear me playing Wall-E!


    Thanks, David. I was wondering who it was–very nice score.

    David Ice


    The CD booklet lists all the acoustic musicians–including Gayle and Katie–as well as these instruments:

    Electric Autoharp

    Aeolian Windharp

    Rendered Harp

    and something called Metal Arppegios.

    It’s a unique combination of acoustic and electronic, but certainly the opening cues are definitely acoustic harps.


    Hi David!

    Yes I just noticed your post in the other thread. I guess I didn’t read the booklet carefully enough the first time! It’s great they are using so many instruments. I want to

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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