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    unknown-user on #162524

    Does anyone know of a harp store or school in the Palm Desert/Rancho Mirage area of CA where I might be able to practice on a pedal harp while my family & I are on vacation?

    lynne lockwood on #162525

    We have an active healing harp program at Eisenhower Hospital, and the Administrater is a harp teacher.
    Her name is Jeanette Dubonne, and her email is jeanette@dubonne.net Jeanette has a Celtic harp, but knows many harpists in the program, and perhaps one of them could help you.
    You can use my name (lynne) when you contact her. Good luck!
    Another resource might be the one hour drive to University of Redlands and the harp teacher there, Mary Dropkin.
    Good luck.

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