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    unknown-user on #164768


    tony-morosco on #164769

    Harps Unlimited International has a showroom in NYC. You can contact them for the exact location, directions, and an appointment at 1 – 917 – 696 – 5974.

    I have never been to the NYC showroom, but I have been to their location here in the Bay area and I

    diane-michaels on #164770

    Are you looking for harps to buy or to practice on?

    B Y on #164771

    Yes, contact Liza Jensen of Harps International. You can email me if you need more details.

    Evangeline Williams on #164772

    Yes, Harps Unl. Intl. has a show room, but it’s not in Manhattan.

    tony-morosco on #164773

    +++Not too many years ago International Music had a store in Manhattan, but they have since moved to Florida.

    unknown-user on #164774

    I want to look at harps.

    Evangeline Williams on #164775

    I would try Harps Unlt. Intl. for sure, since they have harps in store I believe.

    unknown-user on #164776

    Hi Jessica, Tony has a good suggestion to go to Harps Unlimited at the Manhatten office. I would call for an appoinment to see the harps. Sometimes they have people from the store, I believe the manager is one of them, play out at different places in the City. The N.Y.Public Library is one of them. Maybe you could to one of those. I have found the people there to be very helpful and good to work with. In addition to their store, they might have some other ideas. I hope that you have a good time in

    unknown-user on #164777

    Hi again Jessica, I thought of another place for you to go. The Metropolitan Museum of Art. They have Touch Tours from their permanent collection going on all of the time. They also have Verbal Imaging Tours that are highly descriptive. Now they have a Touch Tour of American Ornaments that has American Decorative Ornaments and American Architecture. There’s also a Touch Tour on Ancient Egypt that is independent with a braille booklet and they will provide a guide if you want one. The Met’s telephone # is 212-879-5500 x 3561 and their email is access@metmuseum.org. If you ask , they may take you to see some of their harps that they have. Again, have fun! Cecelia

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