Harps and neighbors

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    Hannes E. Peregrin on #73607

    I have read a lot of stories about acoustic piano players who lives in
    flats who can’t play their piano because the neighbors are disturbed,
    because the whole house starts acting a little bit like a soundboard…
    the sound of the piano can be heard very load and clear like it is in
    the same room even if it’s on another floor.

    Is that the case with the harp as well? I will soon be looking for a new flat to rent and I
    wonder if I have to look for flats with extra strong sound-proofing because of this… I
    don’t want to disturb my neighbors :/ Have someone
    experienced problems like this?

    It’s just a small lap harp but it still has a lot of sound, and I’m
    planning to buy a floor harp as well later on.

    patricia-jaeger on #73608

    One can always “mute” the harp sound somewhat, by threading some felt through the strings, down near the soundboard. Lyon and Healy sold these red

    patricia-jaeger on #73609

    That’s 3/4 of an inch, above. Sorry if it was not clear!

    tony-morosco on #73610

    Yes, harps can certainly reverberate through an older building.

    I have always been fortunate in that when I lived in a flat my building mates always were tolerant to appreciative of my playing. In fact one landlord asked me if I wouldn’t mind opening my window when I practiced so that he could hear better.

    Sadly not everyone is so lucky and I have heard stories from some folks of neighbors who liked nothing better than to complain, even when they were only practicing during reasonable daylight hours.

    Misty Harrison on #73611

    Somewhere on here is a thread from a few years back about horrible neighbors and the harp

    barbara-brundage on #73612

    There have been a few. Here’s one:


    Carm Zephyr on #73613

    These neighbors must be CRAZY. Who wouldn’t love to hear a harp anywhere anytime. I would be asking for the window to be left opened too 🙂 Some people are such wet blankets. Such a shame that is.

    Seoid OC on #73614

    Sadly there will always be soulless people who don’t like any sound they can’t control… and they should live in houses not apartments!

    Hannes E. Peregrin on #73615

    Thanks for all your answers and the link to the other thread! I feel a bit more at ease now. I will try that felt-method (if it’s needed)!

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