Harp/Organ recital recommendations

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    mary-schneekloth on #147228

    What are your recommendations for harp/organ pieces suitable for recital? I have played Granjany’s Aria and the Handel Concerto. Are there “newer” works or arrangements by composers you would recommend? Thanks.

    emily-granger on #147229

    There is a very nice arrangement of the Adagietto from Mahler’s 5th Symphony. Harp part is exactly the same – the Organ plays the entire orchestra part. Works really well.

    anita-burroughs-price on #147230

    I like the Concerto No. 3 for two keyboards

    melissa-gallant on #147231

    I’ve used this CPE Bach piece before, and have enjoyed it. I also found a listing for a harp and organ piece by Alfred Holy, called “Legend for harp and organ, Op. 32.” I’m not familiar with that work, but it might be interesting to see what it looks like.

    Three Duets for Organ and Harp (or Keyboard) by CPE Bach, edited by Ludwig Altman, with performance options by Linda Wood and Dale Wood, 1976, originally written for a musical clock using flute pipes and harp

    patricia-jaeger on #147232

    A harp and piano composition by Henriette Renie, Elegie, might easily be adapted for harp and organ. It is in Bb minor.

    eliza-morrison on #147233

    I just remembered a nice piece for harp, organ and violin: “Elegy” by Harold Friedell. The harp part is very easy; organ part is the hardest. It’s an excellent piece to do in church because it’s not too long and is quite beautiful. You just need to find a really good violinist!

    HBrock25 on #147234

    BACH, Carl Philipp Emanuel
    Three Duets for Organ and Harp

    eliza-morrison on #147235

    I’ve done the CPE Bach several times using harp and harpsichord. That combination works really well and the pieces sound great. Tempi can be a bit faster than indicated so they really sparkle.

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