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    Audrey Nickel on #163050

    My teacher and I were having a laugh the other day over the idea of a “Harpolympics.” Here are the proposed events (feel free to add your own):

    Advanced harp case wresting: Contestants must get a 46-string harp into a cloth gig bag without knocking over anything or dropping the harp on your toe.

    unknown-user on #163051

    And then there’s the

    Get The Check Event, in which you have to weave through a crowded ballroom, find the bride’s uncle and pick your paycheck out of his jacket pocket while he is dancing with you.

    Fairy Reel on #163052

    Or how about the ultimate “Test of Patience”. Carry on a conversation with three prospective customers at once while playing (what the heck!) Pachelbel’s Canon in D. Points deducted for ignoring questions, answering incorrectly, bodily injury to prospective clients or….excessive swearing!

    Love it! How about instead of gold medals, you get gilded harps?

    What a laugh…thanks! Fairy

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