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    Michaela Braveman on #159706

    I am in the process of researching Harp/Music Therapy programs and would welcome all of your input.

    I am specifically looking at International Harp Therapy program (IHTP) and Music for Healing & Transition Program (MHTP), both of which have been highly recommended to me. I am interested in feedback on both, as well as any other comparable programs out there. I am also leaning towards a program where I can complete at least a portion of the courses online (which IHTP will be offering starting next year).

    Again, all input and feedback is appreciated!


    rod-c on #159707


    I won’t be very helpful, but I know there are several such programs. I’ve seen

    alice-freeman on #159708

    As a practicing healing musician, I get this question often, so I put together a Web page of information on programs. (http://windandroses.com/healingmusic.htm)

    Hope this helps.

    — Alice in windy Wyoming

    cynthy-johnson on #159709


    Both MHTP and IHTP are Accredited Programs under the Board for Therapeutic Musicians (http://www.therapeuticmusician.com/).

    Heba Mostafa on #159710

    Dear Michaela,
    I am currently a student of IHTP. I finished both taught modules (yes, the system is now changing and there is now only one module you need to travel for) and am currently doing my practical training.
    I do not know very much about the comparable programs but I can tell you a little bit about being an IHTP student if you want to email me with specific questions. I have had a very positive experience with the program, feeling that it has delivered on its promises. It also is probably one of the most gratifying personal and musical experiences that I have ever had. It has transformed my harp experience, as it is based on a method of playing the harp that is liberating and extremely creative ( i.e: you don’t play memorized music, you learn how to improvise ). It also involves composition, which sounds scarier than it is but it is taught in way that makes it quite easy to learn. This has really changed the way I think about harp playing.
    In short, I highly recommend it. It is a time commitment, but you can take it at your own pace. For example, I am a full-time PhD student and have been able to work on the assignments without too much trouble over the past two years.
    I also have to say, that the program is probably not for everyone, so read up on it and get a feel for things in advance. Getting a copy of the main text book should give you a good idea.
    Best of luck!

    Michaela Braveman on #159711

    Thanks very much for everybody’s input! Special thanks to Heba for sharing her IHTP experience in a long personal email and to Cynthy, for spending tons of time with me on the phone educating me about the various harp therapy programs.

    I believe I have all the info I need to make a decision. Thanks!


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