Harpists in Santa Barbara?

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    Adrianna Wolaver on #149034

    I am going to be interning in Santa Barbara for the summer and am looking to rent a pedal harp and possibly take a few lessons. I am also looking for housing and thought it would be brilliant if I could find a harpist who was renting out a room short term. That is probably a long shot though and would be happy for any harpist’s info that might rent out harps.

    stan-guy on #149035

    This is a folk harp shop in Santa Barbara but I’ll bet they can put you in touch with someone if any such person is around.

    harpglo-jean on #149036

    Hi Adrianna,

    There is a pedal/lever harpist located in Santa Barbara by the name of Laurie Rasmussen http://www.laurierasmussen.com…It looks like she rents out harps, but not sure she has a pedal harp for rent, but you might want to contact her to find out….good luck!

    karen on #149037

    live in Santa Barbara (lucky me!) and lucky you for getting to come for the summer! Folk Mote is a great resource for renting harps (and buying). They have mostly Dusty Stings, Blevins and sometimes a Triplett. It is a small store with a huge heart and fabulous people! Laurie Rasmussen is my teacher and she is quite extraordinary. She teaches privately but uses a small music room at Folk Mote (which happens to be downtown). I’d highly recommend taking some classes with Laurie while you are here. She does own quite a few harps herself and I do believe her website states that she rents out some—but of course, not her major beauties!
    Housing…..of course, Craigslist is always good too. I imagine you know it is a pricey town for renting and owning.


    PS From your website, it looks like you would want to rent a pedal harp…..you might need to contact Christine Holvick (google her) for that.

    Adrianna Wolaver on #149038

    Thank you for the info. I will check it out!

    HBrock25 on #149039

    Adrianna, how did things work out?

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