Harpisted wanted to exchange appartment including harp for one up to three weeks ( mid of august, beginning of september 2010)

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    HBrock25 on #150338

    Dear harpists,

    I’m looking for a harpist who wants to exchange his or her appartment for one up to three weeks (including harp). The problem is, I can’t stop practising all summer but nevertheless I want to get to know new places and people and live abroad. Maybe there are other harpists who have the same problem? I would prefer someone from the USA (New York, Boston, Chicago) or Britain. I’m 30 years old and principal harpist of the Stuttgart opera house in Germany, I live in the center of Stuttgart, a nice town of half a million in the south of Germany, near the black forest (50 miles, 100 miles the Munich, 50 miles to Heidelberg…)My appartment has 75 square miles with two harps.
    I’m free within the period of 16th of August 2010 to the 9th of September. If you’re interested, let me know!!

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #150339

    What a wonderful idea. I wish I could do it.

    Frederike Wagner on #150340

    Why can’t you? Do you know anyone else you might be interested?

    NAVAS PEREZ Maria Rosa on #150341

    Hi Frederike!

    What such a good idea!

    I’m afraid that I cannot attend your offer this summer, but maybe we could talk for any other date… What do you think about Spain?

    Well, I’ll hope you’ll be fine and we could meet again soon.


    Mª Rosa Navas-Pérez

    Cheryl Roeske on #150342

    Gruess Dich Frederike

    I am playing in Kempton which is not far from Stuttgart on July 16 and need a harp. How about the exchange of an apt in my Washington DC home for use of a harp on that weekend? Or maybe you know of someone I can rent from?

    The apt is not being used so you can come whenever you want email me if you are interested at cherylroeske@gmail.com

    Ich kann ein bischen Deutsch sprechen und Ich wuerde gerne mit Dir ueben.

    Bis bald


    Anna MacArthur on #150343

    Hello Frederike,

    My son will be studying at the University of Stuttgart next year.

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