Harpist at Chelsea Clintons Wedding

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    wendy-willis on #149683

    Apparently, there was a harpist. Anybody know who got that job? Don’t be shy, details, details.

    sherry-lenox on #149684

    No doubt the harpist was sworn to absolute secrecy, as everyone involved was. I can’t really think why this particular degree of secrecy is necessary, but obviously the Clintons have their reasons.

    unknown-user on #149685

    Yeh, I bet that is true! I can understand secrecy leading up to it and all but now its over I can’t see how it would hurt anyone to just know who it was and what thay played. Dying to know!

    phyllis-adams on #149686

    My somewhat educated guess is that it was perhaps Karen Grimsey, the Marine Band Harpist. She’s played at the White House at least since the time when Clinton was President. She is probably someone that the Clinton’s probably knew quite well – in addition to

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