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    Marta Chrzanowska on #149667

    Hello, I’m completely new here and I’m not a harpist! I’m looking for a

    barbara-brundage on #149668

    You can order the Watkins at harp.com. As for the duo, there are many pieces arranged for harp and keyboard. (some might be piano or organ, but usually they can be made to work, as can duo harp arrangements)

    Marta Chrzanowska on #149669

    Thanks, I’m going to follow your advice. I already bought a lot of harp music for them, but somehow I couldn’t find

    barbara-brundage on #149670

    The easiest way to find the method is to do a search on their site for Watkins, then click the methods and studies link at the top of the results. It pops right up.

    zoraida-avila on #149671

    Try the Bagatela Infantil for harp and piano by spanish composer Carlos Plaza.
    Email to:

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #149672

    I would suggest any of the baroque or classical-era concerti for harp and harpsichord. Also the Blano or Blanco Concerti for 2 Instruments, published by Schott.

    Lorenzo Montenz on #149673

    Dear Marta

    I usually paly in duo with a harpsicord.


    jessica-wolff on #149674

    There must be something by Monteverdi.

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