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    Gretchen Cover on #61411

    I was asked by a professional guitarist to play a duet at a March church service. Does anyone have suggestions for any pieces to play or transcribe? I am look for an intermediate harp part but would appreciate any suggestions.

    patricia-jaeger on #61412

    Would you both enjoy playing the Cesar Franck composition Panis Angelicus (Bread of Heaven)? There is a lovely free Guitar-and-solo instrument arrangement I found, at http://www.freescores.com/download-sheet-music.php?pdf=5832. At this location is listed:” Panis Angelicus. sheet music (31.73 Ko – 3 pages) If the PDF file is still not coming after 5 seconds, click here……Arranger: Bergeron. Guy Donate Publisher.”
    I tried to find Bergeron and there are several Olivier Bergerons; not sure which one arranged the piece. When I downloaded two copies of this music, one for me and one for a guitarist, I found the solo line, with all chord symbols given, is usually just one note at a time so any wind or string instrument in treble clef could use it. If a harpist wanted to play it with the given, notated guitar part, you could either play both hands using octaves, or fill out the chords however you wish. I’m playing this also in March, with the church guitar player and the arrangement sounds very good to us.

    Gretchen Cover on #61413

    Thank you for the suggestion. I will download the arrangment. I have arrangements of Panis for solo and two harps. I hadn’t thought to look at free online sites. I checked all the harp places – harp.com, folkharp.com, lyramusic.com and found very little there. Any other ideas are welcome. Hopefully some of the up and coming composers will write new music for harp and guitar (and harp and piano).

    zoraida-avila on #61414

    You can also play the Sonata in A major by Anton Diabelli (for guitar and harpsichord).
    Good look!

    Gretchen Cover on #61415

    Thank you for the suggestion. In searching for the score, I discovered a very good website http://www.guitargallerymusic.com. What I really like is the site shows a sample page of the music. There is no harp/guitar specifically I could find but the piano parts will work.

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